Toffee w/ Milk Chocolate

Wrapped Scotch Ale Caramels

2 options for Confection Fairy Toffee w/ Dark Chocolate.  Buttery, crunchy sweetness with that bold dark chocolate.


9oz Sundae Sauces 

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The perfect combination of Confection Fairy Caramel with pecans and milk chocolate.  

Approx 3" x 3" each.

2-pack Small Pecan Turtles


Perfectly popped popcorn with an amazing glaze of buttery salty toffee that does not pull your fillings out.  We dare you to not eat the whole bag by yourself!

9 ounces of Confection Fairy Sundae Sauce.  

4 options available: Caramel, Butterscotch, or Pineapple.

​**Hot Fudge out of stock until January**

8oz Tub of Caramel 

Individually wrapped Confection Fairy Caramels that are with an organic, locally sourced coffee. What is better than coffee AND caramel?

2 size options available

8 ounces of Confection Fairy Spiced Pecans.  Perfect for snacking, baking, or anything you can imagine.  Excellent balance of sweet and salty.

8 wonderful ounces of Confection Fairy Caramel.  Perfect for basically any occasion!!  Eat with apple slices or a spoon!!


2 small Pecan Turtles in red & white striped gift box.  Perfect for stocking stuffers!


2 options for Confection Fairy Toffee w/ Milk Chocolate.  Buttery, crunchy sweetness.

Wrapped Black Licorice Caramels



Wrapped Coffee Caramels

Individually wrapped Confection Fairy Caramels that are with a strong Scotch Ale. Very unique flavor that will have you coming back for more

2 size options available

Individually wrapped Confection Fairy Caramels that are laced with black licorice. Live boldly and try it.  You'll love it.

2 size options available

8oz Spiced Pecans


Toffee w/ Dark Chocolate


Large Single Pecan Turtle

Butter Toffee Popcorn

8oz bag Wrapped Original Caramels

1/2lb or 1lb of individually wrapped Confection Fairy Caramels.